We can provide experienced handymen who can manage all your small carpentry jobs, patching, repairs, painting, assembling furniture and hanging pictures and mirrors. Our Trade Services teams can provide specialised construction electrical, HVAC and plumbing services.

  • Test & Tag electrical appliances

    Our technicians are accredited to conduct test & tag labelling on portable electrical appliances. We keep a record of the appliances are due to have their tags renewed and contact you for approval to update the tags.

  • Handyman plaster repair

    Our handyman services can patch and repair damage to plaster walls. For larger jobs our trade services can install replacement or new plaster sheets.

  • Handyman painting

    Our handyman services can wash, prepare and repaint surfaces. Our trade services can repaint an entire facility, inside and out.

  • Handyman carpentry

    Our handyman services can fit a door, repair broken hinges, hang a picture or mirror, repair a gate and replace architraves or skirting boards.

  • Handyman furniture assembly

    We can assemble those flat pack furniture kits for you. Our teams can help reorganise your office by moving and relocating furniture for you.

  • Change locks

    Our handyman services can replace and install and window and door locks. We can even coordinate master key system for you so there's a tiered system of master keys available to allocate to employees with different security clearances.

  • Trade Services - Painting

    Our experienced painters can paint part or all of your facility. They have the necessary permits to work at heights and operate elevated platforms.

  • Trade Services - Air Conditioning

    We can supply and install HVAC equipment including split and ducted systems. Our technicians can routinely service and maintain your equipment.

  • Trade Services - Construction

    Alpha CPS has access to several licensed builders who work on other projects for us. We can leverage their resources and buying power to help you renovate your offices, kitchens and bathrooms. Our construction teams can provide cabinets and storage solutions for you. We can even help you plan and construct extensions or an entirely new facility.

  • Trade Services - Plumbing

    Our accredited plumbers will supply emergency, routine or maintenance services. They are on-call for us 24/7 so we can have emergency repairs completed quickly for you.

  • Trade Services - Electrical

    Our accredited electricians can changeover your existing fluorescent lighting to low energy LED lights to reduce operating costs. They can also install new lights or power outlets throughout your facility.

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